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Carolynn Klym

Director - Ministry Finances

My first recollection of Pastor Vinita was across a classroom on a Parent/Teacher night when our children were in Public School. I knew then that she was a person I would like to know. Many years later, that is now true. My hairdresser knows…the best church is right here in Russell. It was a struggle to get Sundays off in a retail job but the battle was definitely worth it. When I wake up on Sunday mornings, I am already preparing to go to my second home, my church, and spend refreshing time with my second family – Ambassador Ministries in Covenant!


My life has been a mix of the scattered seeds parable (Luke 8: 4-15). When I was about six, I accepted Christ as my Saviour for the first of numerous times! At that time, the seed was well sown because it set the roots in my life that would anchor me to good soil.


A few times as I went through life, growing up, getting married, working, having a family, the busyness (weeds)of life sometimes tried to choke out my spiritual life, but God was always there, watching over me, rescuing me when I wandered of His path for me and blessing me so much in ways I am just beginning to see. I must admit there were a few times when I felt that His Word was falling on rocky ground simply because I didn’t feel worthy of a relationship with God or other believers, but again, He never left me! One of the best “rescues” was healing me of my smoking addiction almost two years ago – literally instantaneously – just like in Scripture! He rescues us INSTANTLY!


Since I have been attending Pastor Vinita Baker’s Covenant Fellowship Church, those seeds are falling on good soil, being soaked in, well fed and growing to spiritually nurture others. What’s not to love about this! 


I share the vision of our future, knowing He is in it, and with us, as we move forward, growing in strength daily!

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