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Colleen Moore

Director - Spiritual Intercessory/Secretary

"And you're going to be a hearer and not a hearer only, but a doer, for the Lord said I am making you a living, walking, talking, breathing example of the Word. A living epistle, says the Lord. A living epistle that I'm sending to those who are in darkness, those that have been condemned, those that have been unacceptable, those that are unclean, unwashed, without hope, in despair. I'm going to make you a light in the midst of the darkness, and I'm going to make you a calm in the midst of their storm says the Lord, and you'll go forth with the Word of the Gospel and the good news living inside of you."
(Part of a Prophecy for Vinita Baker from Nancy Cohen, July 1998)

This word describes who Vinita Baker has been for me. Many years ago, the Lord sovereignly placed Vinita in my life just prior to an incredible time of darkness and despair for me. Vinita was, for me, that living epistle who "preached the Word always ( in every conceivable way) and sometimes used words".  (St. Francis of Assisi)

She was available to me 24 hours a day to listen to me, pray with me, counsel me, and most of all, to love me. She opened up her home to me and included me in her family (as did her husband and children). At a time when I felt rejected, shame, despair, and unloved, she was there as "Jesus with skin on", a light, a solid rock in the midst of my storm.

Vinita continues to listen to, to counsel, to mentor, to disciple, to pray for, and to teach me and countless others on a regular basis. I have availed myself of receiving from every aspect of the way in which the Lord is moving through the ministry (Ambassador Ministries in Covenant) and the church (Covenant Fellowship) that God has entrusted to her.  One of the things that I most appreciate is that she has led me straight to the Giver of Life, Jesus Christ, Himself. She was the lighthouse that led me to the Rock. Through her example, and her mentorship, I have sought hard after the Lord, hungering for more of Him. I now have a more intimate relationship with Him and am privileged to be a partner in His work through Ambassador Ministries in Covenant and Covenant Fellowship Church. 

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