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Nancy Romme

Honourary Lifetime Director

Praise and glory to God! That through Ambassador Ministries in Covenant, and continued prayer with Vinita, I have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

As a spirit led lady, Vinita walks daily with God, knowing that whatever happens is designed by God. She is a bond servant committed to the Lord, obedient to His will in the teaching of God's unconditional love, His total forgiveness and the releasing of His people from strongholds; one can only recognize God's character through this beautiful lady. It is by her good example and leadership that all can see and feel the love of our Father. He lives in her, and she lives for Him, in her daily words, actions and her prayer filled life.

After meeting Vinita in the fall of 1996, it was through her love and passion for the Lord and her continuous prayers that released my broken heart from my childhood. Vinita led me to Jesus and His unconditional love. My life has not been the same since I have been transformed and God poured His love into me. A knowing of God's faithfulness, a trust in Him and His word, that He fulfills His promises, are now a reality to me. His grace is sufficient for me. There is no one like our God!

Vinita is a chosen leader in the Church, anointed by God, who has brought many people to the Lord. She is an initiator who makes things happen in God's church today. As a leader for Christ, Vinita is building the Body of Christ through: mentoring His people, teaching them to grow in the Lord and helping them to develop spiritually to become a part of God's body. She continues to lead Alpha, Life in the Spirit, Prayer and Praise, and Intercessory Prayer and offered Youth Alpha for over ten years. Her impeccable teaching of the Word through bible studies, and her availability to pray for the needs of people (day or night) for spiritual and emotional healing are what make Vinita an ambassador, a representative of the Lord, wherever there is a need.

In thanksgiving to my God, I am following Him, and I thank Him for the honour of not only being a part of the team of Ambassador Ministries in Covenant but also placing a commitment to stand alongside Vinita and this ministry. This special lady listens to and hears the voice of God and does His will: To you Father, all the honor and glory for what you are doing in this ministry. Amen

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