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Child Sponsorship Program

Yogo - Kenya

AMIC is a not-for-profit charity committed to serving the local community as well as abroad. While away on a mission trip to Yogo, Kenya in 2009, AMIC was able to purchase land with the vision to build a permanent school building to help educate the children in the Yogo region.   During the first two years AMIC in liaison with Yogo community faith leaders, were able to provide financial support to lay down a foundation and the beginning of the first three rooms.  The YOGO Glory Academy Centre providing learning opportunities in a safe and nurtured Christian environment was born!

Education is the gateway to hope out of their poverty, eventually freedom from that poverty and hope for an entire nation!  Helping to educate these little ones by providing a place for them to go to school will enable a community to rise up to their full potential.

YOGO Glory Academy Centre has grown to offer education from Class JK-SK to Class 8.   In 2018, we celebrated the first Grade 8 Graduation!   Currently, over 330 students, aged 4 through to 15 are attending the Yogo school and are supported by 10 teachers and leaders.   Nearly a third of these students are less fortunate and are poverty stricken.  These children are given the life hope opportunity to attend school with the additional support provided though the AMIC Sponsorship initiative.  What an encouragement to this small village in Kenya plagued by AIDS and poverty!

The AMIC Yogo Sponsorship program provides an opportunity to help vulnerable at- risk children that are part of the community of less fortunate children by enabling them to go to school.   Sponsorships are $41.00/month, which provides two meals a day, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and medical assistance.

Please join us in making a difference in the life of a child and eventually a country struggling with so many obstacles to just survive. Education will bring life, new technology; new opportunities to work which in turn will raise standards of living and levels of productivity eventually moving a country from poverty to self-sustainability.

Tax receipts are issued for all donations towards enriching building of the school as well as for sponsorships for the children through Ambassador Ministries in Covenant (AMIC) a registered charity with Revenue Canada.

Please consider sponsoring a child and give a gift that will change the life and potential of one child at a time and the face of this community forever!

To sponsor a child, please contact our Sponsorship Administrator, Debi Bennett by email at

Every child is a gift and with the ravaging effects of AIDS so many children have no one to care for them.   The Covid pandemic has heightened their life challenges beyond what is fair or safe.   See more Yogo photos in our Gallery

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