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Holding Hands


This is a one on one ministry offering prayer, healing of inner past hurts, mentoring, teaching others about God’s love for them and His desire to bring wholeness to them. This ministry is available to anyone who feels they may benefit from talking to someone so that they do not feel alone or abandoned or without hope.


These times of getting together, usually in the office of Ambassador Ministries in Covenant, but also in private homes, provide opportunities for those that come, some professionals like nurses, teachers, construction workers, veterinarians, lawyers, government workers, pastors, farmers, auditors, and others like teens and children and stay at home moms, to be able to express what is on their hearts and minds which prevents them from dealing with life at its optimal.

Individuals come, share and are listened to; it is a place to be able to express hurts and disappointments and together we bring these to God in prayer. This is also an opportunity to teach what the Bible says about certain issues, provide spiritual direction and comfort and also time to nurture a faith in and a relationship with God.

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