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Watchman Route

What a Mighty Fortress is our God! In obedience to the Lord's command as watchman over Russell we were asked to repent for the sins of the community of Russell. We, as an intercessory group, set out to, for the following 2 years, to do research and historical fact finding about what had taken place in Russell, what business had started up or closed, what was the political climate, what clubs, lodges etc. existed. After much prayer, searching-and self-examination we started to repent. We repented first for our own judgments, vows, and prejudices and then for the strongholds we had found existing in Russell starting from the time of the First Nations people using this land as hunting grounds to its present time. We repented for the sins committed on every level, the land, families, businesses, occults, educational systems, political arenas, etc.

On Sunday. May 15, 2005, we started to stake the perimeter of the village of Russell. (Each stake has imprinted into it a character of God and one of His Names.) While one team went out the other team covered them in prayer. The following afternoon, the next team set out. As the last stake was driven into the ground, we spontaneous broke into "Open the Floodgates of Heaven" and it started to pour rain! Soon after, a huge brilliant rainbow draped itself over Russell and we knew God was confirming His Promises to us in Russell!


We found that at every stake a discernment of a solid proclamation and invitation to the Lord Jesus, the GREAT I AM, was experienced. Huge windows, like screens opened up and its brilliant white light became filters to the presence of evil. What VICTORY! God was giving us a visible sign that He was taking control because authority to proclaim His entrance had been realized through the initial repentance that had taken place.

Every possible entrance into Russell has been staked, even the waterways and without a shadow of a doubt the Name of the Lord has been planted and spiritually the principalities and powers disarrayed! Worship continues to be our delight in maintaining the ground taken. Freedom reigns in this place as the Spirit of the Lord hovers and has permission to come and perform His will, for the sake of the remnant.


As you enter into Russell, from whichever artery, may you know safety, security and a sense of belonging. The Land is the Lord's and all that is in it! Be reminded of God's Majesty, Power and Promises found through His Wonderful Names implanted into the ground.


It is no mistake you are in Russell, whether you live here, work here, have a business here or play here. There is truly a divine purpose for each one of you being placed here. Bloom where you are planted! Russell, Rise Up! You are the Lord's!! His Provisions are Yours!!!!!


With a heart full of renewed hope and assurance, Rev. Vinita Baker …. June 4, 2005

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