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Therapy Session

AMIC provides one on one Christian counseling. “We perish for lack of knowledge” and freedom comes with knowledge and understanding. The goal of the counseling sessions is for God to bring revelation and healing, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Strongholds (generational ties) are broken by the power and authority of Jesus as are vows and judgments and ungodly soul ties. Words of discernment, healing, prophecy, encouragement and comfort allow God to touch and minister to each need bringing release and wholeness. Ministry is available in all areas to bring freedom and healing.

Inner Healing: praying for and ministering to the broken hearted, and to anyone who has a need for healing of past and present emotional hurts and woundedness.

Healing of the Body: ministering to those who are physically sick encouraging them in the healing process by building and strengthening their faith in a God who can do all things. The person is prayed for using the gift of healing.

Healing of the Spirit: Ministering to those who need spiritual healing, renewal and restoration through the authority of the Holy Spirit calling forth the Spirit inner man to be legitimized and given its rightful place.

Pastor Vinita has her Doctorate in Practical Ministry and has taken several secular and Christian Counseling courses which prepare her to minister to all in need. Times for individual Counseling are available as required by appointment.

E-mail: or phone: 613-445-3233

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